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Owner / founder

PJ Goupil

Formally trained as a CPA, CA, PJ began his career at KPMG, before joining real estate group Gouverneur Hotels as Head of Corporate Development. Since 2015, PJ has become known for establishing and successfully launching popular hospitality businesses in undervalued real estate spaces by creating unique experiences for millennials.

His journey has led him to leave his mark on notable Montreal real estate assets such as Faubourg St-Catherine (Kampai Garden) and Place Ville-Marie PVM (Cathcart Food Hall). PJ combines strong financial expertise and unique artistic direction which he applies to real estate repositioning projects, and in the strategic plans and guidance he provides to Agence Fox corporate growth clients.

As a McGill graduate both at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as a university tutor for several years, PJ is uniquely positioned to understand the academic and social environment that Montreal offers and what's needed to thrive.

His infamous experience living in a student residence shaped his view on creating the ultimate student experience which we aim to deliver with Chelsea House!


Real Estate Operations


After completing her LL.L. at University of Ottawa and LL.M. at University of Sherbrooke, Stephanie was admitted to the Chamber of Notaries in 2018. She began her legal career as a notary practicing primarily in the areas of real estate law, security law, and estate law. After 4 years of being a notary, Stephanie decided to challenge herself and transfer her technical skills to a new field, which lead her to become the Real Estate Operations Manager at Agence Fox. Her strong organizational and interpersonal skills married with her solution-oriented mentality make her an invaluable asset in leading our team to deliver the best possible service to clients.  


Marketing Operations Manager


A lawyer by trade, Kat started her career working for a wide array of industries (defense, entertainment, marketing) before joining Fox. Her role is integral to our philosophy of creating scalable systems that operate through our integrated tech stack. Kat has a profound expertise in operational efficiencies and profitable business systems. Given her exposure to various industries and business models, she is able to break down big visions into small actionable steps which teams can carry out with ease. As an experienced integrator, she is adept in streamlining and optimizing processes and procedures which translate into higher team productivity and efficiency.


Head of Business Development & Leasing


After spending 10 years in Paris and graduating with an Economics degree from La Sorbonne, Eli decided to return to her hometown of Montreal to pursue her calling in sales - first in the automotive industry and then in real estate. Her persistence, hustle and ability to adapt quickly has led her to develop new real estate opportunities for Fox and lead our leasing teams to complete mandates in record time. She proudly holds the highest residential rental rate in Quebec with the lease-up of premium student residence Chelsea House (according to Altus).


Real Estate Operations Coordinator


Janelle is a well-rounded professional who thrives in high-pressure environments. She has an educational background in International Studies, which equipped her with the knowledge and skills needed in communicating with people from various nationalities and cultures. She then spent six years executing various roles in the banking industry such as: customer service, relationship and account management, and administrative support. Janelle also has experience handling top corporate and middle market accounts, which demanded grace under pressure and reliable decision-making skills. She joined the Agence Fox team in 2021 and has been doing an amazing job as a Real Estate Operations Coordinator.