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Student Top Picks: Grocery Stores Edition

By: Olivia Roux-Dessarps (aka CH resident Chef👩‍🍳)

Meals and groceries are a huge part of student life, especially when living off-campus. As a first-year student and a big foodie, here are my go-to’s for food + grocery shopping all near Chelsea House:


Supermarche PA

Supermarche PA

I go here often for general produce and essentials, like eggs, butter, and milk, as well as pantry items like pasta. It’s your basic supermarket with everything you need. Solid. 


Jang Teu

Jang Teu  Jang Teu

This one is a Korean/Japanese store where I go for Asian groceries/condiments/seasonings like noodles, chili oil, furikake, and dashi. They also have a lot of Asian snacks and I was so happy to find one of my childhood favorite Japanese ice creams 😊 (choco monaka!!)


Bulk Barn

Bulk Barn  Bulk Barn

Discovering Bulk Barn has been a GAME CHANGER for me. I go here for all of my baking needs because I can get the exact amounts I need of an ingredient and pay much less than if I were to buy it at a supermarket. They have literally everything you can imagine, from different flours, chocolate, and nuts, to grains and every spice you can imagine.


Marche Newon

Marche Newon  Marche Newon

This is another Asian grocery store, but much larger than Jang Teu and they have a lot of Chinese products too. There’s a huge selection of produce, and I come here for specific Asian vegetables like Chinese broccoli, bok choy, shimeji mushrooms etc. I also buy meat here sometimes when I need certain thin slices that you can only find in an Asian supermarket!


Atwater Market

Atwater  Atwater

If it’s nice out and I have some time to spare (although this definitely hasn’t been the case lately with all my assignments and midterms 🫤) I’ll go to Atwater Market! I really love the atmosphere here, with all the fresh produce, and there are also permanent stores like butchers, fishmongers, and a bakery. There’s a little shop with fresh pasta that I’d really like to try soon!


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