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Diva on a Dime 💅

By: Steph (aka CH superwoman🦸‍♀️ / Manager of Operations 😉)

Check out Steph's budget friendly hacks to make the most out of your Montreal student living experience !!! Here are her tips on how to be a diva on a dime 💅

Navigating student life can be financially challenging since you haven’t entered the full-time work force yet. While I do adore some of the FINER THINGS IN LIFE, the one thing I love most is a GOOD DEAL. Here are some of my tips on how to #Treatyoself without breaking the bank.

Workout Classes: Off-hour Fitness Classes 💪🏻🏃‍♀️

Just like at Chelsea House, I have a gym 🏋️‍♂️ in my building (although mine isn’t equipped with state-of-the-art Peloton bikes 👎). I try to get most of my workouts in over there but here and there, I love to mix it up and attend a workout class in a fancy fitness studio – the energy is unparalleled. The downside is that these classes usually come at a pretty high price 💸

A great way around this is finding fitness studios that offer special deals on their “off-hours” classes. Here are my top 2 🏆 favourite fitness classes in Montreal:

  1. Enso Yoga: They offer 15$ classes at off-hours throughout the week (hot yoga, hot pilates, hot barre and HIIT)
  2. Spinco Montreal: They offer a 10$ spinning class for charity every Friday at 6:30pm

Fine dining: After 10pm Special 🍽

Being a foodie 🤤 is one of my top personality traits. Anytime I visit a new city, the first thing I do is research the best restaurants to check out. Lucky for you, Montreal 🍁has the second highest number of restaurants per capita in North America after New York🗽 , so the options are endless.

I bet you didn’t know that you can check out some of Montreal’s most upscale restaurants while skipping the $$$$ price tag. Many restaurants offer late menu specials for around $30 for a 2-3 course meal. These are my top 3:  

  1. Milos
  2. Ferreira Cafe
  3. Fiorelino

Pictured here at famous Montreal spot Lemeac. Best French bistro in the city and my favorite brunch spot. They no longer offer a late-night menu but still recommend checking it out if you get a chance for both brunch and dinner. 😋

Promo codes: Follow Montreal Influencers 🤳


Montreal influencer’s 🤳 often do collabs with local brands and shops and get promo codes for their followers. I recommend following some to stay up to date with different promo codes they offer.

  1. KGMTL (fave promo code is Dynamite Clothing: code KGMTL 10 for 10% off)
  2. Lextheo (fave promo code is for Spirulina: mention lextheo for 10% off)

Shopping: Rack Shopping 🛍


There is nothing I love more than the thrill of a good deal 🤑 It’s always a great idea 💡 to wait till end of season to pick up any items you have your eye on 👀 However, for me, the holy grail of deal shopping is at Winners. The downtown location, located about a 15-minute walk from Chelsea House, has tons of designer goodies at extremely liquidated price👌 My best score from there is a Tumi luggage that I got for 60% off the retail value.

PRO TIP: you need to be patient and frequently drop in for a quick scan of the racks. You might leave empty handed a few times 😶, stay patient!

Get your Hair Done by a Junior Hairstylist 💇‍♀️


A great way to save at a luxury salon is to get your hair done by a junior staff member🫡 The juniors are very talented and cost way less. Luxury hair coiffure Blunt offers this (you're welcome 😋)!!!



  • Movie theaters 🍿: cheapy Tuesdays! The best time to check out a new movie is on Tuesday nights. Movie theaters offer tickets at 50% off.

  • Taxi coop  🚕: While I encourage you to walk wherever you can or take public transport, if you absolutely need to take an Uber or Taxi, you can get 15% off your taxi ride if you order through the Taxi Coop app.

  • Student discounts 👩🏻‍🏫: Carry your student ID with you, a lot of places offer student discounts

  • Avoid buying coffee out ☕️: Your apartments are all stocked with coffee machines that were recommended to us by Shaughnessy café. Spending money on Starbucks will add up quick – it’s a huge waste.



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