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Ariela's 🇲🇽 Top 10 Thrift Stores for Unique Finds on a Budget!

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So i've been seeing everyone trying to find the coolest thrift stores + vintage clothing around Montreal, also great for Halloween costume shopping! That’s why I bring you my top 10 spots so you can get amazing unique pieces for cheap!  


Eva B - Eva D
2015 St. Laurent Blvd &
1611 St. Laurent Blvd
Eva B and Eva D are hands down the coolest thrift stores in St-Laurent. They've got insane prices and stuff you won't find anywhere else. They're right next to each other and have a cute little coffee shop inside! IMPORTANT -if you're looking to clear out your old clothes, you can drop them there and get store credit to score, so basically exchange those for new pieces from the store. Go with your friends and take advantage of what's around! The whole St Laurent street is filled with thrift stores and hidden gems.


Hadio - Friperie Vintage
308-314 Mont-Royal Ave E
Another one of my favorites, Hadio vintage/thrift has the best prices and some seriously funky clothing. There's a ton of variety, so go there with some time and patience. It's totally worth it, plus it's right next to Mont-Royal station, where you'll find some really good restaurants and other shops to explore after your thrifting adventure!

jack vintage

Jack Boutique Vintage
3779 St. Laurent Blvd
I'm loving this store, especially for their crazy furry coats and unique vintage clothing. Prices are alright, but this place is more about quality over quantity. You'll find more vintage pieces.

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Winners & Marshalls
(Multiple locations)
You can never go wrong with Winners and Marshalls. Seriously, you have to go explore; they have everything. From home decor for your room to high-quality clothes at amazing prices, cowboy boots, and even bathroom essentials, it's a must-visit. If you're on the hunt for an affordable winter jacket + boots, these stores have got you covered.

winners marshals

3800 St. Laurent Blvd
This store is your go-to for cool denim pieces and different pants and jeans to create a killer vintage outfit. The staff here is super friendly, too.


3794 St. Laurent Blvd
Cul-De-Sac is perfect if you're after vintage sweaters and some denim. They've got it all, from flannels to jeans.


Kapara Vintage
3901 Saint Denis St
This store is a fantastic weekend hangout with friends. The store itself is just so cool and practically made for Instagram-worthy pics. They've got unique leather jackets and jeans.

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 6.40.43 PM

Marché Floh
4301 Saint Denis St
Open ⋅ Closes 7 p.m.
Marche Floh is definitely one of the most well-known thrift stores in Montreal. This two floor store will blow you away. I recommend going with a big group or when you have plenty of time, as there's a ton of clothing to sift through. There are the cutest cafes and fun stores around Marche Floh, so use this as a weekend activity and spend the day exploring while the weather is still nice out!

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 6.42.04 PM

Marché Underground
3731 Rue Notre-Dame O
Last but not least, this is my best-kept secret of all time. I adore this store. It's the craziest, funkiest thrift store I've ever been to. They have the coolest cowboy boots, leather pants, and jackets. You'll also find vintage furniture and accessories that you seriously won't find anywhere else. The store has like 7 sections, and it feels like you've been teleported back to the '80s. Plus, it's right next to the Atwater Market, so you can do some shopping and grab a coffee with friends before you dive into your thrift store adventure!

And those are Ariela's picks for best places to thrift in Montreal! 

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